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Link to video tutorial on how to make your own cuticle oil at home step by step

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Link to my how to video where I share my tips on for growing long natural nails:

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Brands and tools I used for this nail design tutorial :

Basecoat Nutra Nail green tea antioxidants.

Acrylic paints :

Pink color by Apple Barrel called Petal Pink

Purple by Apple Barrel name is Lilac Dust

White by Apple Barrel.

Brown by Folk Art called Metallic Antique Copper .

Yellow by Apple Barrel name is Yellow.

Topcoat Mia Secret.


Brushes :

American painter 18/0 y 10/0

Striper Brush by Amazing Shine size short.


Music by Dan-O at
The name of the track: Sprite and the Wanderer
Direct link to the license terms:…

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