Video was filmed on the 19th 🙂 When I say ‘Tomorrow’ I meant Saturday the 20th! I AM NOT ATTENDING SUNDAY 🙂 xx

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Hello loves! Hope you’re day has been fantastic 🙂 Today, I’m back with a video! YAY! I’m feeling much more myself- again, thank you all so so much for the kind comments in my last TMI video. Taking things day by day, and really focusing on myself (how bad does that sound hahaha- please watch the TMI- Me, Myself and I if you think that sounds weird and narcissistic- promise it’s not meant like that lol)

Just thought I’d show you a few things that I picked up when I was in Canada, and a few things that were sent to me 🙂 I’d love to hear if you have any of these items too, and what you think! What’s on your wish list right now??

Tutorial for this look will be uploaded sometime later this week 🙂
Hope to see you at IMATS on Saturday at 11am! I won’t be going Sunday (sorry!) Too far of a drive, and I have a friend’s birthday party on.

I’ll update this with the products shown in the video as soon as I can, Tomorrow may be pretty busy, but I’ll try my best 🙂

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This video is not sponsored- I was sent a few of the products to try (as I said when I spoke about them 🙂 Thoughts/opinions are as always, my own (how boring to take someone else’s 😉

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