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Link to video tutorial on how to make your own cuticle oil at home step by step

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Here’s another nail art design tutorial video I worked on several week’s ago. I found a folder with nail designs for shorter nails, I’ve just never had the time to edit them so little by litttle I’ll continue to upload them. Let me know if for next week you would like a nail design for shorter nails or longer nails 🙂 Have An Awesome Week & I’ll see you Thursday!

Tools I used for this nail decoration:

Basecoat Nutra Nail with green tea antioxidants

All nail polish colors are by Pure Ice, white is called Superstar, light blue is called Home Run and medium blue is called Scream.

Blue acrylic paint is by Faber Castell.

Silver Glitter is by Folk Art, Extreme Glitter in Silver 2787.

Brush is by Simply Simmons, spotter, 3/0

For the detail brush I don’t have a brand but its the same exact size of an American Painter brush in size 10/0

Crystals I bought from Walmart in size 3mm brand ek success

Topcoat Beauty Secrets


Music by Dan-O at
Name of track: Permafrost
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